Latham St. Commons

We are building a resilient and sustainable ecosystem of people working together to address all of the factors affecting access to good health—social support, health care, education, diet, employment, air and water quality.

Theme week 6: Going the distance: Self worth and care.

Friday Feasts are a series of workshops to help our team better understand the current, interconnected “life” problems that many young adults in Pittsburgh face. With so many outside pressures, we believe that in order to change the current landscape, young adults must have an understanding of who they are, and most importantly, where they fit into this new, often confusing narrative. Our goal this summer is to co-create novel learning practices where young adults can experience a fuller and more connected sense of their identity, what they are a part of, and that they are capable of taking the next big "life" step prepared, confident and connected.

This Friday we focused on ways we take of ourselves, plan for the future and alternative ways to mange day-to-day stress. Thank you to Jen Butera from, Doctor Lovie Jackson, Janette Schafer from Wesbanco, and Nick Liadis. It was such a beautiful day.

Who are the Invisible Participants in a System?

This past Friday at Latham Street, we took a look at the Visible and Invisible actors in a community.  We spent the morning speaking with Pastor Tim from the Center of Life Church in Hazelwood about how a community can change when it is divested from by the city. In the afternoon we took a look around our own back yard where we could make a difference directly.



Things get real when:

  1. 18 year olds sign-up for your program with no help from mom.
  2. You have general liability insurance
  3. First aid kit arrives
  4. Compliances (English and Spanish) check! 
  5. Port-a-john arrives.
  6. T-shirt design is in the works.
  7. 8-week plan...ready to be tested and questioned.

Lots of hands make light work.

Thank you to all who came out to help "raise" our innovation pod, paint and build our new vertical planting system. We are humbled by your dedication and willingness to give up a Saturday to help us. 

Exploring alternative "capitals"

Thank you to all the participants who attended our first workshop on exploring news forms of capital. Erica and Alex set the tone by introducing Ethan Rolland's Eight Forms of Capital (financial, social, living, experimental, spiritual, cultural, material, intellectual). Everyone got the chance to created a personal capital map and share back with the group. One participant remarked “This is making me think about how I can live my life differently – but what does it mean to build a better life?”. The evening was filled with great conversations and ideas for building a more connected sense of place. Thanks for a wonderful evening. We will see you soon.