Latham St. Commons

We are building a resilient and sustainable ecosystem of people working together to address all of the factors affecting access to good health—social support, health care, education, diet, employment, air and water quality.

Understanding space and affordances of place

We are knee deep in research for different possibilities for crops and space usage. One possibility we are wild for is mushrooms! Mushrooms integrate well in the compost and rainwater cycle, they don't require the sun, and they can produce high yields in a little time. There's lots of pros, but some challenges include maintaining a warm and moist climate as the weather gets colder. We are thinking of testing a batch with Oyster and White Button mushrooms soon. What's your favorite kind of mushroom? Initial sketches on the architecture for the Commons are shown above. We are envisioning a multi-phase development, first creating a terrace greenspace attachment on the North East building in phase one. As we expand, we will continue build out additional trellis support structures.