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Cooking “Kickin’ Collards”

Last week, when a professor of mine handed me a bag of collard greens, I was determined to make something delicious with as little waste as possible.

The collard greens had been purchased at the East End Food Co-op, and originally grown by Lady Moon Farms.  These leafy greens came with a recipe attached to the zip tie that also labeled them. The recipe is on the Lady Moon Farms website as well under “Kickin’ Collards” and calls for bacon, two cloves of garlic, an onion and chicken broth along with some pantry items.  I added a can of beans too. 

As a student, I try to use short and simple recipes.  I knew that collard greens would need to be cooked for a long time to be tender but I didn’t realize I would be able to leave them on the stove and walk away to take care of e-mails while they simmered for 45 minutes.  Suddenly a long cooking process didn’t seem so tiresome. 

Ultimately this recipe resulted in four servings and a bag of vegetable ends that I will freeze and use for a vegetable stock at a later date.  While it was more time consuming than what I normally cook for myself, there was a much larger yield and I’ve frozen two servings that I plan to eat later in the semester when I have less time to buy produce.

- Emily W.

The serving I ate right away is not pictured

The serving I ate right away is not pictured