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Primanti Bros. Experience

Primanti Brothers is not the fanciest joint in Pittsburgh. It does, however, represent an urban spirit that resonates in Pittsburgh. As soon as I entered the restaurant, the manager kindly greeted us into our spots. People were enjoying light drinks at the bar, making small conversation with the workers.

The Ham and Cheese sandwich that I ordered was not the best sandwich I ever had, but it was definitely worth the trip. The white sandwich bread was packed with thick layers of cabbage, tomato, egg, ham, cheese, and a large serving of signature french fries. It was quickly served and extremely filling. The serving was appropriate for a regular meal.

Most of the food on the menu costs around seven dollars, which is definitely cheaper than getting a large sandwich at The Exchange in the Tepper building or any type of meal in the University Center.

The immediate perks of this local joint was obviously its proximity to both the CMU campus and to other local shops in Oakland- desert shops, the Carnegie Museum of Art, and bars for college students.

Primanti Bros. is not the place to go to get a gourmet dish. It's casual and cheap. The interior design and decoration of the building adds a light tone to the general environment of the restaurant. It's a place where you can have a casual conversation with a friend while also having good food.

This experience at the Primanti Bros. made me realize that the primary service the restaurant provides is not only the food, but also the space it creates for customers to socialize in. Its accessibility, reasonable pricing, and quality of food makes Primanti Brothers an ideal location for friends and family to occassionally meet.