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Pigging out on Pamela's

Just like Primanti's, Pamela's is a staple in Pittsburgh. Your mornings haven't been fulfilled until you give it a try. They have been serving "the best breakfast" in Pittsburgh since 1980 and I will show you how. I highly advise you go check it out for yourself, but be warned, you will need lots of will power to stop you from going back within the same week. 



A bit of history curtesy thanks to the Post Gazette:

For opening day they bought a dozen plates. "Customers stood in line outside the door, while we were inside crying because nobody could eat until those 12 plates were washed and dried," Gail remembers.

"We pooled the money we made on the first day, went to a sale at Pottery Outlet in Murrysville and bought more plates. Cups, we had. Back then, the breakfast special -- eggs, home fries, toast and coffee -- went for 99 cents. Bacon was 10 cents extra." (can you imagine?!)

Their unique "Crepe Style Pancakes" aka Hotcakes, are one-of-a kind. My favorite: the Strawberry Hotcakes! Stuffed with fresh strawberries, brown sugar, sour cream (though I never add this) and topped with whipped cream- it is the perfect breakfast for someone with a sweet tooth...ME!

Just remember: it is cash only! Pretty old fashioned right? They even hand write names on scrap paper. Talk about old school! ;) By using just cash, Pamela's has been able to keep costs lower and provide higher wages.



Finally, here is some pretty nifty news: "President Obama and his wife Michelle have been long time Pamela’s enthusiasts, ever since his first visit to our Strip District location on Primary day in 2008.   Since then he has made sure to mention us, or has endeavored to frequent one of our restaurants each time he comes to Pittsburgh, PA."