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An Everyday Lunch

For this post, I decided to document a lunch that I'd make for a normal day at school.

Here is a picture of the ingredients, minus cream cheese that I couldn't resist to add later...

The calories breakdown is as follows:

1/4 avocado        80

1 cup of salad (spinach, arugula, and the purple thing)            7

1/3 tuna can         60 

1 naan bread        137 

1 teaspoon of unsalted dry roasted sunflower seeds          ~30

1 teaspoon of dried cranberries for the taste           8 

1 teaspoon of pesto           40 

1 teaspoon of cream cheese           ~20 

TOTAL = 382 calories

It's not too bad in terms of calories! However, I was thinking about the ingredients and realized that 50% of them were heavily processed, the tuna was in a bpa can and the pesto + cream cheese could have been substituted for only pesto or cream cheese, or even nothing at all. Ultimately, it was an ok lunch, didn't take too long to make, not expensive at all but could definitely be enhanced in terms of "Healthiness".

Here is the result after assembling:


P.S: I was so involved in making this sandwich and it was so warm and appealing that I ended up eating it right away... (10am).