Latham St. Commons

We are building a resilient and sustainable ecosystem of people working together to address all of the factors affecting access to good health—social support, health care, education, diet, employment, air and water quality.

Hot Tea & Warm People

I needed some coffee last Sunday before starting my day (it was 4pm...) so I decided to head up to Artisan on Penn Ave and take a few minutes to talk to the bartender about the neighborhood. Unfortunately, it was already closed so I ended up at getting coffee at Bantha Tea and it was surprisingly good coffee for a tea place!

I started talking to the lady working there and explained the work we're doing with Latham St. Commons. She was very nice and open to talk so I asked her a few questions about herself.

Meet Marny!

  • In her early 30s
  • She's not originally from Pittsburgh but she currently lives on Penn Ave and previously in Friendship
  • She works at Bantha Tea and at the Thomas Merton Center
  • On a typical week, she goes grocery shopping at the Aldi on Penn Ave, goes for walks very often (up to East Liberty once a week), goes to work, eats out at least once a week (Apteka)
  • She often participates in protests (anti-racism, gentrification), supports the community landtrust (helped restore transit to the area), helps out at the Bloomfield/Garfield Corporation, goes out to bars like brillobox and community events, takes dance classes at Level Up, goes to 1st Friday, goes to see movies at Row House…etc
  • She learns about events mostly online but also through friends and community billboards
  • One personal object that she really cares about is her photo album. She loves photography because it captures tim. She also loves street art (and she's really upset that it's being erased in her neighborhood)

To sum up, Marny is an active member in her community, she cares about preserving it and she loves spending time around it!

Side note: please try Bantha Tea! Really good tea, really cheap in a really cool place.