Sustainability, Inclusivity and Equity: Weekend event.

We are thrilled to be joining the conversation at Sustainability, Inclusivity and Equity Conference April 5-7. The event is free and open to the public.  Sustainability Weekend is a 3-day conference that aims to showcase the larger context of sustainability, bringing people to the table who may not normally engage with one another on this topic. This year's theme 'Sustainability, Inclusivity and Equity' seeks to bring students, professionals, and community members together through informational and interactive events and spark diverse conversations about sustainability that transcend discipline, socio-economic background, race, physical ability, age and lifestyle. We will be covering a diverse range of topics including social injustice, sustainable eating, constructive climate communication,  intersectional technology and innovation, and the role of arts and expression.

Hope to see you there!

Why not demolish those ugly abandoned garages?

The existing garages have a history for the neighborhood. Although they have been weathered by vacancy and neglect, we’ve found people wondering more about how these structures might get re-purposed, rather than demolished for new construction. With every building we demolish in our community we instantly wipe away its history, erasing the memory of what the place was. Our process is defined by seeing opportunities that collectively define the place. From the buildings to the people, they all have shaped the project thus far.

Maintaining the identity of a building takes a special kind of architect willing to work alongside the project, listening, planning, reflecting, and connecting with people and place. We are lucky to have found these qualities in our architect, Nick Liadis. Nick has been working with Latham St. Commons for the past two years. When he isn’t in his studio, Nick volunteers his time to bird banding at Powdermill Avian research Center.


Our friends at Depiction

Thank you to our friends at Depiction for creating this amazing rendering of Latham St. Commons. Depiction illustrates architectural renderings through visual storytelling, and brings life, vibrancy, and an artful eye to a variety of projects. Check out their work! AMAZING! (