"Growing a replacement economy"

Our 2016 season kicks off with a beautiful passage from John Thackara's new book: How to Thrive In The Next Economy...“Quietly, for the most part communities the world over are growing a replacement economy from the ground up. Their number includes energy angels and wind wizards and watershed managers. These are the bioregional planners, ecological historians, and citizen foresters Alongside dam removers, river restores and river harvesters, there urban farmers, seed bankers and master conservers. You might also meet the building dismantlers, office-block refurbishers and barn raisers. There are natural painters, and green plumbers. There are trailer-park renewers and land-share brokers. The movement involves computer recyclers, hardware re-mixers, and textile upcyclers. It extends to local currency designers. There are community doctors. And elder cares, And ecological teachers. http://www.doorsofperception.com

We are thrilled to learn we received a matching grant from PWSA Green Infrastructure grant program to install a bioswale and pervious pavers to help manage our stormwater.

Please stay in-touch and as always we are looking for volunteers to help get the season underway.