People and place matter.

Latham St. Commons focuses on improving the health of all people living in the Garfield and Friendship neighborhoods of Pittsburgh by addressing their social, educational and economic needs. We do this by creating a place where the community can gather to test new ideas and try out new ways of living. All the while, we’re re-connecting a community through relationships—from person to person, person to community, and person to nature.

No matter what we do—from growing micro-greens and educating local teens to forging partnerships with like-minded organizations—we use these fives areas to focus our goals and objectives. Our programming and activities may change over time, but these focus areas will not. 

– People and place: Build vibrant community through inclusion and engagement.
– Education and economics: Cultivate new relationships and business
   opportunities through innovation and hands-on learning.
– Social: Connect neighbors by sharing in-person, online and around town. 
– Nature: Co-design a sustainable eco-system and restore natural capital.
– Health: Nurture and care for people’s health and happiness.