Why not demolish those ugly abandoned garages?

The existing garages have a history for the neighborhood. Although they have been weathered by vacancy and neglect, we’ve found people wondering more about how these structures might get re-purposed, rather than demolished for new construction. With every building we demolish in our community we instantly wipe away its history, erasing the memory of what the place was. Our process is defined by seeing opportunities that collectively define the place. From the buildings to the people, they all have shaped the project thus far.

Maintaining the identity of a building takes a special kind of architect willing to work alongside the project, listening, planning, reflecting, and connecting with people and place. We are lucky to have found these qualities in our architect, Nick Liadis. Nick has been working with Latham St. Commons for the past two years. When he isn’t in his studio, Nick volunteers his time to bird banding at Powdermill Avian research Center.